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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Austin in Top for Best Pet Friendly Cities

AAA (Automobile Association of America) just came out with their top 10 best pet cities for TRAVELERS. So I wondered which cities are ranked as best pet cities for people who actually live there.

Austin is ranked in the TOP 10 for both catagories (Best Pet cities for Travel and to LIVE)

According to DOGFRIENDLY.COM, these are the top 10

1.Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-

2.San Francisco, CA

3.Chicago, IL

4.Boston, MA

5.Austin, TX

6.Seattle, WA

7.New York, NY

8.Long Beach (LA area), CA

9.St. Louis, MO

10.Northern Virginia (DC area), Virginia

Here is the AAA list:

  • No. 1: Houston
  • No. 2: San Antonio
  • No. 3: Austin
  • No. 4: Albuquerque, N.M.
  • No. 5: Phoenix
  • No. 6: Dallas
  • No. 7: New York
  • No. 8: Orlando, Fla.
  • No. 9: Nashville, Tenn.
  • No. 10: Tucson, Ariz
OOO, look at all those TX towns!!!!!


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