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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Austin's Toll Roads to Open Nov 1st, a year ahead of schedule

Austin's new toll roads will open to traffic on Nov. 1 -- a year ahead of schedule, according to the Texas Department of Transportation and under budget!

Austin has traditionally had unusually high traffic congestion for a city of its size, and the 40 plus miles of extra road way will surely create some relief. In the past, there was a lot of opposition to adding roads in an effort to maintain the same ecosphere for the environment, as well as to keep Austin having a "small town" feel to it.

Unfortunately for everyone wishing any of these two ideals, Austin became more than just a college town that got heavy traffic only during State Congression Sessions. Primarily due to the emmergence of the technology industry and DELL's headquarters, jobs and business began to sprout, bringing in more people than the city could handle.

A few years ago Austin began building roads, not to prepare for growth, but to catch up from the growth that already occured. Toll Roads have been a HUGE debate as some don't want to pay for traveling on a road, but either way, everyone will be welcoming the optional routes once they open. Overall, Austin will still be a little behind the growth, but this is a big step to decrease the major traffic congestion.


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