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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bio-medical fields expanding in Austin, shown by new implant

Many of the new investments for Venture Capital Firms within the Austin area have been and are within the Bio-Medical Field. A year ago Austin didn't really have any kind of Bio-Medical influence, which was one of the economic sectors that worried economists. However, there have been many new business pouring into the area and Venture Capitalists have been there to help them get started.

According to the Austin Business Journal, "A surgeon at the Central Texas Spine Institute implanted into the first human in the country a new cervical disc that promises to enhance spine movement.

The disc, called NeoDisc, is made by NuVasive Inc. (Nasdaq: NUVA) in San Diego. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Randall Dryer implanted the device Sept. 15 at the Austin clinic."

Admittingly, I don't know much about this product, but I do know a LOT of people with back problems, and this product sounds like it could mean a lot of money for this company, which would mean more jobs, which would mean more real estate needs!

Which is what it's all about...well at least to m


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