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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clean Energy News for Texas! AUSTIN LEADS

Quick! Buy a Hybrid Car fill the Tank with gas and drive out to TEXAS on 1 Tank. When you get to Texas fill it up again so you can make it through the state...when they say "great" state of Texas, that means BIG!!

Then find an energy efficient house (preferably in Austin, call Robert Rees Realty, the 3 R's of Real Estate, where every transaction should start with us) then call TRAVELER's INSURANCE to get a discount on your car insurance!

That's right, according the Austin Business Journal, " Travelers, an automotive insurance company owned by the St. Paul Travelers Cos. Inc., said Monday that the firm will reduce premiums 10 percent for Texas drivers that buy hybrid vehicles."

The City of San Antonio has a one-year pilot program that allows hybrid owners to park for free at parking meters!

Austin has a "Drive Clean-Park Free" program gives residents there a $100 pre-paid parking card to park at any of the city's 3,700 meters.

Cleaner energy in general is the talk of the town in Austin. Austin has a program where you can trade out your toilet for a more efficient toilet, they have discount programs for rain collecting systems, there is a tax cut on Energy Efficient Homes (there's a federal one as well), Willie Nelson's Biodeisel stations are popping up throughout Texas and Austin has a 2-3 stations (under a different brand).

***RRR works with a home building company that builds homes out of FOAM WALLS & Double low "E" windows to provide up to 70% more efficiency than "stick built" homes!***

There are wind programs going up, solar homes, and now even Hydrogen Homes being built in the area!

Tax breaks, insurance breaks, high oil prices, and American's desire to break all ties with the Middle East are driving the Clean Energy Market to hurry up with the technology, hopefully their i's are dotted and t's are crossed!


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