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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lakeway Resort Gets another BOOST!

New condo units near Lakeway Resort planned

From the Austin Business Journal on Wednesday...

It was reported that Behringer Harvard sold nearly six acres that are part of its Lakeway Resort and Spa west of Austin.

The developer plans to construct 70 condominium units on the property. Owners of the new condominiums will be offered an opportunity to partner with Lakeway Resort and Spa to offer their units as additional lodging accommodations for Lakeway guests.

Behringer adds that the sale and planned redevelopment associated with the hotel property is "another step in our plan to make Lakeway Resort and Spa again one of the Southwest's preeminent resort destinations and corporate conference centers."

Lakeway, an already popular suburb town of Austin, has one of nicest Spa Resorts around, being recognized locally as well as nationally. This new developement will implement a style of living that will be very "resort" like in itself. The developers are taking the modern trend of "Hotel Condos" to a resort level here in the Austin Area. More than adding growth to the area, it provides a diverse standard of living.


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