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Monday, October 02, 2006

North Round Rock on Verge of EXPLODING...in my opinion

I often have prospects ask me my opinion about one neighborhood vs another. More & more I'm being asked, "What do you think about Teravista vs "Any Other"." Which would be a better investment if I were to move there?

Whenever the question has been brought to me for the past few years, I've said, "Teravista". My reasons were simple. The housing prices were just like everywhere else in the area and actually slightly cheaper even though it has what once was rated the #1 public golf course in the area. Many of the reasons I used to tell people that they should buy in Teravista is because I saw future appreciation because of developments planned for the surrounding area.

Most of those developments are either now completed or under way! In the spring most of the home builders noticed the same thing I had been telling my prospects and clients so they raised their prices considerably over a 4 month period.

Some of the developments I am referring to are:

On top of these other growth opportunities to this area, the fact that Teravista is already becoming a popular neighborhood in itself shows signs for growth. The neighborhood is actractive because of the diverse housing opportunities. Housing can be available from the mid 100s to the upper 300s. There is a community INTRANET in which neighborhood members can post items for sale, neighborhood parties or other events.

Because part of this community backs to Greenbelt, there are some hiking and biking trails available. There is a community center that may be used for different events. The golf club house has a cafe. There are plans for "multi-family" housing units on the back end of the property and the overall residential plots sold are only about 1/3 of what's available, leaving plenty of growth and housing options for the future. Additional information is available on the Teravista website pertaining to their amenities.

Teravista is located right off of Hwy 1431 which is a straight shot to the North end of Lake Travis. Yet it's also located only 15 minutes from Lake Georgeotown to the North, both of which are very good for fishing & boating.

Teravista is located in Round Rock, which has seen tremendous growth over the last 15 years primarily due to DELL's headquarters being started in the city, but has continued it's growth even after jobs went flat at DELL a few years ago. DELL just announced that they plan on hiring 500 engineers, many of which will surely want to move closer to the headquarters...looks like they'll have to compete with retail workers at the Outlets, medical personell at Scott & White or Seton & Educators or Students attending the Higher Education Center!


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